CTE Alumni Spotlight - John East.

CTE Spotlight - John East

Hello, my name is John East and I went to school at Jefferson Forest High School (JFHS) and graduated in 2014. During my time at JFHS, I attended an Automotive Technology class taught by Mr. Mark Mathia. I attended this class during my junior and senior years at Bedford Science and Technology Center (BSTC). Growing up living on a farm, I was always working on a variety of vehicles as well as working with my father and grandfather on the cars that they had restored. I was given the opportunity to join the Automotive Technology class at BSTC and learn about my hobby. We were taught many valuable assets while attending Mr. Mathia’s class. Not only did we learn how to work on the vehicles, but he also gave us the chance to learn customer relationships. We were able to work on building relationships and trust with the customers that came into the shop. During my senior year, we had the opportunity to obtain an internship. Securing this internship showed me what it was like to be an Auto Technician in the real world. It was at this time that I decided I wanted to transform this hobby into a career. Mr. Mathia had college recruiters come into class and speak with us about different opportunities to advance our education. This is when I made my decision to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH). I attended UNOH and graduated in November of 2016 with a Technical Degree in Automotive/Diesel as well as an Associate’s Degree in Business. After college, I came back to Bedford County to begin my search for a job. A position at the Bedford County Bus Garage for a School Bus Technician became vacant. I decided to apply for the position and Mr. Mathia was able to help me secure a job working for the same school system that started me on my career path. I am thankful for the opportunities that I was given to grow and expand my hobby into what is now my career path.