School Social Work / Youth & Family Specialist

BCPS Youth & Family Specialists provide comprehensive school social work services to parents, students and school staff, addressing barriers that limit a student from receiving the full benefit from their educational experience. 

  •  YFS are members of the Mental Health Support Team, we provide direct services to students and families, linking families to appropriate community resources. 
  •  YFS are members of the Special Education Eligibility Committee, we complete Sociocultural assessments to evaluate the impact of environmental factors on a student's education and development. 
  •  YFS assist administrators in addressing school attendance with truancy intervention, in adherence with the Code of Virginia. 
  •  YFS collaborate with school nurses, families, and providers regarding homebound considerations for students medically confined to home.
Amber Andrews:  [email protected] | 540-597-6246 
Jefferson Forest High School
Forest Elementary
Boonsboro Elementary 
New London Academy

Audrey Hamilton:  [email protected] | 540-541-8511
Forest Middle School
Thomas Jefferson Elementary 
Otter River Elementary

Jessica Ewing:  [email protected] | 540-566-9824 
Liberty Middle School
Big Island Elementary
Bedford Primary

Susan McCafferty: 
[email protected] | 540-797-9712
Liberty High School
Bedford Elementary
Montvale Elementary

Sherry Ayers: 
[email protected] | 540-597-5739 
Staunton River High School
Stewartsville Elementary
Moneta Elementary

Kristina Marshall: [email protected] | 540-589-2009 
Staunton River Middle School
Huddleston Elementary
Goodview Elementary