School Counseling Services

The counseling staff functions to provide a wide range of services that help students achieve success in completing their educational plan. Parents are encouraged to become involved in this planning process by meeting regularly with school counselors and reviewing the Academic and Career Plan each year.

School counseling services consist of three types: (1) academic counseling, which assists students and their parents in making the appropriate curricula and program choices as well as the designing of a program of studies which best fits their interests and aptitudes; (2) career counseling, which assists students and their parents in acquiring information about various careers and job opportunities and post secondary educational opportunities; and (3) personal/social counseling, which provides assistance to students on an individual or group basis on such topics as understanding themselves and their interaction with others; effective social problem-solving; personal decision-making and preparation for becoming well adjusted adult citizens of the community following graduation from high school.

School counselors maintain college and other post-high school information that may be useful to all secondary students. Furthermore, school counselors will provide opportunities for parents and students to meet annually in order to make sure the student is aware of any educational and career opportunities that may become available. This will include scholarship information as well as information relating to full and part-time employment and vocational training programs.

Educational records are maintained by the school counseling office in each high school and are not released to third parties without prior parental consent or as otherwise provided by law.

Although students typically meet with counselors for academic guidance such as the scheduling of classes or career planning, no student is required to participate in any counseling program to which the student's parent objects. Parents complete school counseling opt-out during registration but may contact the school counselor at their child's school at any time with questions about the school counseling program and applicable curriculum.