McKinney-Vento Program Overview

  • Bedford County Public Schools will appoint a division liaison representative to administer the McKinney-Vento (i.e., homeless) education program.  Your current District Liaison is Diane Isenhour.
  • Any student identified as homeless who seeks enrollment into a Bedford County Public School will be given immediate admission regardless of record status or a resolution of pending disputes.
  • If an unaccompanied youth seeks enrollment into any Bedford County Public Schools, the youth will be referred to the division’s liaison representative for assistance relating to enrollment and placement decisions.
  • If Bedford County Public Schools does not receive the school record files on any student identified as homeless within 30 school days, the division’s liaison representative will be notified for follow-up with the student’s prior school division.
  • If a student who is identified as homeless does not have the required health records for admission, the student will be referred to the Bedford County Social Services Department of Health for assistance with deficient immunizations. If the student needs documentation of a physical examination, the parents/guardians will receive a list of available community resources.
  • If Bedford County Public Schools chooses to send a student identified as homeless to a school other than the school of origin, Bedford County Public Schools will provide a written explanation to the parent/guardian within 10 days, including the right to appeal under the dispute resolution developed by the state.
  • Posters outlining the educational rights of homeless children and youths will be posted in the office of each of the Bedford County Public Schools.  The name and phone number of the school division liaison  will be listed on the posters as a contact person for parents/guardians and unaccompanied youth.
  • Students identified as homeless may be offered tutoring services before or after school for skill maintenance or remediation, as needed. 
  • Students, identified as homeless, and attending Bedford County Public Schools will be provided transportation services, as needed, to their school of origin.
  • Students who are no longer homeless will be allowed to continue in their current placement until the end of the current school year.  Transportation will continue until the end of the current year.

Dispute and Program Forms 
1. Dispute Resolution Form (MS Word) for families and unaccompanied youth
2. Dispute Resolution Guiding Document (MS Word) for liaison use
3. Best Interest Determination Worksheet (MS Word) for liaison use
4. Written Explanation Determination Form (MS Word) for liaison use